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Conophytum pellucidum subs. cupreatum 5

Conophytum pellucidum subs. cupreatum

Timothy Ford
March 10, 2021
Conophytum pellucidum subs. cupreatum is a little, rock-like, seasonal succulent with lovely coppery-brown bodies with spots and lines. It branches a lot creating a portable compact mat that is less…

adromischus filicaulis marlothii 4

Adromischus Filicaulis Marlothii

Christopher Quirk
July 29, 2021
Adromischus filicaulis marlothii is a succulent that produces rosettes of silver-green, needle-like leaves which grow slowly. Adromischus has poor drainage and dry air will cause it to rot – though…

Indoor Succulents propagation

Stretched Out Succulents 2

Stretched Out Succulents : 2 Weird Causes and Fix

Alejandro Sanders
January 6, 2021
Stretched out succulents happen when succulents don’t get sufficient sunlight and begin to grow and look taller. Is your succulent looking different, growing tall, as well as slim, leggy, and…

Lithops Salicola 3 succulent

Mimicry Plants

neve news mag demo 23 succulent
by Timothy Ford

The mimicry plants also referred to as mesembs or mimicry succulents are the thespians of the succulent world, mind-blowingly versatile stars typically accustomed to harsh, sun-blasted habitats that get just a few volumes of rain every year.

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tips for growing succulents anywhere

9 Helpful Tips For Growing Succulents Anywhere

Timothy Ford
January 25, 2021
Are you searching for tips for growing succulents anywhere? Welcome! You are in the ideal place to discover how to grow succulents — anywhere you live! You’re here due to…